Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb. 14Th, another hot air balloon didn't land in our yard. We have two pecan trees in our front yard. DH was getting ready to shake the trees. Let me explain. DH loves to have things just so and tries to make the work easier. Which is good. He also loves free things and loves finding uses for them. Hence the parachute in our yard. Yes, it's a military parachute. He took the chute out of the bag, cut the strings off. (I am amazed at how big it was.) His goal was to spread it around the tree so when the pecans fall he could easily (it's a process) dump (pour) them into a big trash barrel. However, as we were trying to spread the chute around the tree the wind was blowing up the chute like a balloon. It became a bit of a chore. He decided to wait until later when the wind died down. There was a man who drove by (I'm not kidding) four times. I guess it's not every day that you see people trying to spread a parachute out around their tree in the wind. Feb. 13Th, Fri...I grilled burgers. I haven't grilled in a long time. So everyone was very excited to have grilled burgers. DS would ask me every day for a week if we were having burgers.
Feb. 12Th, Thurs...I finally filed a BIG pile. While doing that I shredded a lot of old papers in our file cabinet.

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