Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here I am catching up...
Feb. 10th... Tues. it was finally cold enough for a fire!!! Yeah. I love it when we have fores. I got this picture just as the fire got going. DH just blew on it and there it goes! Feb. 9th...Mon. got my song mojo back! In our band we more or less play covers, but we change the words. I am the main word changer and I haven't gotten any songs changed in awhile. So I pretty much locked myself in the office and jammed out! I got two songs changed! YEAH!
Feb. 8th...Sun I finally have a Sunday photo. I have been needing black dress shoes for some time. When I found these, I fell in love!

Feb. 7th...Sat. The big day! We finally performed our play *One Last Chance*! We were pretty much at the Tays all day Sat. In the end 16 people gave their lives to Jesus and many more heard the gospel.

Feb. 6th... Friday We took C to finally get her hair trimmed. She got a face frame on layers. Here two gals are blow drying her hair. It's pretty thick. Taking there photos everyday is good for my pride...whipping out my camera everywhere. LOL!

Feb. 5th...Thurs. this is me sewing (fixing) DH costume for the play. I am not a seamstress at all, so this was a great pain to be honest. His headband went missing, so I had to make him another. He was Ponitus Pilate (sp?).

Feb. 4th... Wed. Our DS loves to make his own swords, guns, etc out of sticks. Here is a picture of a bow and sword that he made. He hung them on a plant cane right outside our door.

Feb. 3rd... Tues. At Scrap Matters they have a photo challenge. Take a picture of a heart that's not red or plastic. Here's my photo for the challenge. *Disclaimer* No good coffee was used or harmed for this photo!

Feb. 2nd... Mon. my walking partner, Dolly & I went for a walk today.

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