Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wed., Feb. 25Th...There's NOTHING like fresh, defective IGA tortillas. I ran to the store for something else. Had to walk by the tortillaria and there they were! The kids were so happy. Tues., Feb. 24Th...Baby, it's warm outside. This could be Wed. too. It is warmer than usual. I think we broke a record.

Mon., Feb. 23rd...As I walked passed DS's room I noticed these cleaning bottles nicely lined up. I asked him why they were in there. "I was cleaning." I thought to myself, "Cleaning? What?" He has been getting better.
There's no Sunday. I usually don't take any on Sundays.
Sat. Feb. 21st...I have two for you! We had a concert at the coffee shop. Here I am with two of my friends from church.

Here's my hubby and Ben. You can't see the other Ben (on the drums).

Fri., Feb. 20Th...First sign of spring! Our peonies are starting to come up!

Thur., Feb. 19Th...We don't get much rain at all, so I watered. It has been warm for a few days and I needed to wash the dust away.
We have sold 4 bags of pecans since I posted the pecan photo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun. Feb. 15Th...we got invited over the the Quinlan's after the pm service. The guys are cleaning up the dishes while the ladies are changing! What great guys!! Mon. Feb. 16Th...President's Day. Here's what our dining room looks like. Our dining room is also our school room. I found some more detailed coloring pages for the kids. We did five a day. On the last we did 8. We have studied the US Presidents throughout the year. This idea was just a random thought and the kids really grabbed onto it!

Tues. Feb 17Th...WINDY!!
There's no vanity on windy days.

Wed. Feb. 18Th...We have two pecan trees which produce way more than we can use. We give them away to friends and family. A friend of our suggested that we sell them on a local online yard sale. We posted them and have gotten a number of people inquire. No buyers yet. So, here the bags sit waiting for a buyer.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb. 14Th, another hot air balloon didn't land in our yard. We have two pecan trees in our front yard. DH was getting ready to shake the trees. Let me explain. DH loves to have things just so and tries to make the work easier. Which is good. He also loves free things and loves finding uses for them. Hence the parachute in our yard. Yes, it's a military parachute. He took the chute out of the bag, cut the strings off. (I am amazed at how big it was.) His goal was to spread it around the tree so when the pecans fall he could easily (it's a process) dump (pour) them into a big trash barrel. However, as we were trying to spread the chute around the tree the wind was blowing up the chute like a balloon. It became a bit of a chore. He decided to wait until later when the wind died down. There was a man who drove by (I'm not kidding) four times. I guess it's not every day that you see people trying to spread a parachute out around their tree in the wind. Feb. 13Th, Fri...I grilled burgers. I haven't grilled in a long time. So everyone was very excited to have grilled burgers. DS would ask me every day for a week if we were having burgers.
Feb. 12Th, Thurs...I finally filed a BIG pile. While doing that I shredded a lot of old papers in our file cabinet.

Here I am catching up...
Feb. 10th... Tues. it was finally cold enough for a fire!!! Yeah. I love it when we have fores. I got this picture just as the fire got going. DH just blew on it and there it goes! Feb. 9th...Mon. got my song mojo back! In our band we more or less play covers, but we change the words. I am the main word changer and I haven't gotten any songs changed in awhile. So I pretty much locked myself in the office and jammed out! I got two songs changed! YEAH!
Feb. 8th...Sun I finally have a Sunday photo. I have been needing black dress shoes for some time. When I found these, I fell in love!

Feb. 7th...Sat. The big day! We finally performed our play *One Last Chance*! We were pretty much at the Tays all day Sat. In the end 16 people gave their lives to Jesus and many more heard the gospel.

Feb. 6th... Friday We took C to finally get her hair trimmed. She got a face frame on layers. Here two gals are blow drying her hair. It's pretty thick. Taking there photos everyday is good for my pride...whipping out my camera everywhere. LOL!

Feb. 5th...Thurs. this is me sewing (fixing) DH costume for the play. I am not a seamstress at all, so this was a great pain to be honest. His headband went missing, so I had to make him another. He was Ponitus Pilate (sp?).

Feb. 4th... Wed. Our DS loves to make his own swords, guns, etc out of sticks. Here is a picture of a bow and sword that he made. He hung them on a plant cane right outside our door.

Feb. 3rd... Tues. At Scrap Matters they have a photo challenge. Take a picture of a heart that's not red or plastic. Here's my photo for the challenge. *Disclaimer* No good coffee was used or harmed for this photo!

Feb. 2nd... Mon. my walking partner, Dolly & I went for a walk today.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan. 28Th, Wed...This one's out of order. Sorry. This is about as exciting as our day went. I had to go to the bank to cash some checks. Jan. 30Th, Fri...This is my favorite places to walk. I still hadn't taken the pic for the day. When I got there I saw this elderly couple walking and knew I had my photo! I ended up passing them. I looked back and they were holding hands. They kept at a steady pace. Probably how they've lived their lives and stayed married this long. One day maybe someone will take our photo like this.
Jan. 29Th, Thurs...We went bird watching at a nearby lake. It's man made. Not too many people know about it, so the birds are pretty wild. We brought popcorn for the ducks...they all flew away. So, my little ducks ate it on the way home!

Jan 27Th, Tues...I held a RAK on my scrapping site. This is how I picked the winners! Pretty tech savvy, eh!

Jan. 26Th, Mon...Grocery Shopping day! I go grocery shopping every other Mon. So when I go our cart is always full! I was able to stay pretty under the budget too!! Which is always a good thing!

There is no Sunday photo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan. 24, Sat...This one's for my new friend Brenda S. Yes, it's two McDonald's! You are looking at the new McD's going up. Next to it is the old one. Not everyday you see two McD's next to each other! Brenda, I'll let you know when it's done!! Maybe we can meet there! LOL! Jan. 23, Fri...My SIL sent us these yummy peppermint bark! It went super fast!

Jan. 22, Thurs...The kids and I took apart a radio. We got it all together. It didn't work because the batteries had corroded in it. But it was great fun. Oh, it was birthday too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21/365...Wed. Jan. 21...This ball has been sitting in various places in our front yard for a few weeks. Every time I look out the window, I think the would make a cool photo. So, this morning, in my PJ's I bathroom, went out and took it! The neighbors probably think I'm weird, but I don't mind!

I liked the way it looked in black & white too!

19/365...Tues., Jan....We have two BIG picture boards at church that show pictures of our events, etc. Every three months I redo them. Here I am. It is usually a two day project. One day (a few hours) going through, editing, printing the pictures. One day to put it all together. I finished the boards at 9:00pm.
Thanks for looking!