Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun. Feb. 15Th...we got invited over the the Quinlan's after the pm service. The guys are cleaning up the dishes while the ladies are changing! What great guys!! Mon. Feb. 16Th...President's Day. Here's what our dining room looks like. Our dining room is also our school room. I found some more detailed coloring pages for the kids. We did five a day. On the last we did 8. We have studied the US Presidents throughout the year. This idea was just a random thought and the kids really grabbed onto it!

Tues. Feb 17Th...WINDY!!
There's no vanity on windy days.

Wed. Feb. 18Th...We have two pecan trees which produce way more than we can use. We give them away to friends and family. A friend of our suggested that we sell them on a local online yard sale. We posted them and have gotten a number of people inquire. No buyers yet. So, here the bags sit waiting for a buyer.


  1. MMM Our neighbor gives us pecans. I always make them banana nut muffins as tks. :)
    Gotta love the wind in NM. Makes it hard to do much but just hold on to everthing. lol

  2. Lots of new pics since the last time I checked. You have a smart friend to think of selling them online, too bad no one has bought any yet. Maybe you will make some new foreign friends though!!!

  3. I had to post anonymous, it wouldn't let me put in my name. Michele