Saturday, January 3, 2009

365 Project

I am staring a new project this year. I know a lot of people are doing this. We're supposed to take a photo everyday for the whole year. I missed Jan. 1st.
Here's Jan 3rd. C & I made Chocolate Chip cookie with pecans! Yum. You'll notice a spoon for her and a spoon for me! The batter is the best part!

Here's Jan. 2ND. Dh is cleaning out his shed and we took some photos of some items he is selling on an online Yard Sale Site. He's actually off, selling one right now!


  1. MMMM yummy! The one from the 2nd reminds me of my dad's shed. He has a lot of stuff.

  2. Christine. this is so great. I am so glad to see you joining in!

  3. I can not believe R is
    1. cleaning out the shed
    2. you have another blog! woo hoo