Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Jan. 19th, Mon...DH 40th birhtday! This picture was like the fourth attempt at taking a picture of him blowing out his candle. He kept blowing it out right before I snapped teh shot! We were all busting up!!
He and DS, with a few people from church went Wild Boar hunting during the day. They didn't get anything, but spied out the land for other hunts.
DD & I went shopping (Christmas/birthday $). She was unsuccessful. I found a couple of things.
For DH's birthday meal we had Mexicali Meatloaf...one of his mother's favorites! And leftover Buttermilk pie.

Okay...I am a bit mad! I just realized that DS must have deleted the photo I took on Sunday! He was reading the Sunday Funnies. He didn't want his photo taken.
Jan. 17th, Sat...we are all in a play at church...One Last Chance. DS & I are behind the scenes. Dh is the bartender & DD is a person in the mall. Here is a glimpse of the goings on before...the setting up for practice.

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  1. Hi! Just checking in, I love looking at all these great pics. Quite a scary face up there!