Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan. 6th

Ok, I actually have two for you! The whole family seems to want to get into this! The first one was taken by my DH. He served up some Neapolitan ice cream tonight. This is how you would get it served if you went to an Italian restaurant in Boston. You should have seen us last night. We were holding the container and trying to "scoop" out the slices. He actually ended up cutting the carton in half! If you look closely, you'll see the heart in the strawberry section! Here is my attempt at today's photo! I had these big plans of a cool shot of DS on his scooter. Just the feet, the evening sun shining down, etc....here's what I got. Poor kids are tired of me taking their photos!

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  1. That is about all I get of Kale when he is well. He has to be sick for me to get a good one. Love the ice cream one. I am cold though so it doesn't really look too yummy right now. Gonna come back later when I am warm and hungry. HEHE