Saturday, January 17, 2009

These are a bit out of order, sorry.
Here's Wed. Jan 14th...C got her space maintainer out!!! She's had it in for what seems like two years. I so wanted to take a photo of the spacer sitting on the clean silver tray on the white paper with the instruments around it. But my pride got the better of me. The Dr. even asked C if she wanted to take the, gross. (That would've made for a good photo! LOL) So now she can chew gum, eat carmels, etc. Friday, Jan. 16th...C's Birthday!! These are two of the three buttermilk pies C & I made. We had youth bible study then her party. There were about 20 teens, of whom 5 were girls. We had a good time.
Thursday, Jan. 15th...Here's what "rockers" really look like! Heehee! We had band practice, in the church nursery! We practiced acoustic. Usually we are amped up!

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